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Development of Crushing Equipment through the Ages

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In China, before Christ two thousand years there have been the single most tube crushing tools – Mortar and pestle. Mortar and pestle further evolution of the 200 BC to 100 years before the foot pestle. These tools use the lever principle, with the initial prototype of broken machinery ,China mobile crusher but the crushing action is intermittent.

The first continuous-smash action of crushing equipment is the invention of the 4th century BC by the public lose Ban animal-drawn mill, another continuous crusher to crush the movement of the roller grinding mill later in the period of the emergence of AD after two hundred years, China Du Yu, on the basis of foot pestle and animal-drawn mill developed a hydraulic driving force with machine China dryers even the water mill, water transfer and even grinding to make productivity gains to a new level . These crushing equipment used in grain processing, and also extends to other materials, Classifiers crushing job.

With the development of science and technology, crushing equipment
development so far, has made considerable progress. Especially the 1990s, Drum dryers crushing equipment production and sales volume has grown rapidly, add the crushing equipment production companies increasing, so that as many as thousand of crushing equipment manufacturing enterprises, able to produce 0.5 ~ 30t vibrating crusher, 4 ~ 24t static roller crusher more complete specifications and varieties, and 16 ~ 30t tire crusher series, the basic form able to self-development and production of complete crusher manufacturing system, the gap between the technology level and international advanced level is gradually reduced. This situation of high growth, there will be crushing equipment parts  industry into a new period of development.

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