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Applying force forms of crushing equipment

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Applying force forms of crushing equipment
Mining enterprises must crush minerals in the development process of ore, so we must put some forces of minerals. And the force of the crushing ores mainly is mechanical force at present, the common crushing method mainly have five kinds, now we introduce the five broken methods:

The first kind, crushed. It is to use that two mining face approaching ore produce the pressure to make ore pieces. Characteristic of this method is that the force gradually increases! Force range is very large.

The second kind, split broken. It uses splitting strength that teeth wedge the ore to make ore pieces, its characteristic is that force scope is more concentrated, and local rupture occurred.

The third kind, broken. When ore is being shattered, due to the bending force of relative power concentrated direction, it make the ore broken and crush. Characteristics of this method is that the point in external force not only endures splitting the force, but also the bending force, so it is easy to make ore pieces.

The fourth kind, grinding strip. It uses ore mining on the surface for relative motion to produce shearing force of minerals, the force is in ore surface effect, so it is suitable for fine grain materials grinding.

The fifth kind, the impact. It is to use that the instantaneous impact is on ore, It is too high speed of the impact and deformation to spread to all things hit, so they generate a large impact by local stress. The impact destroy minerals in a large part. so shattered effect is the best. Because the force is in ore instantaneously, so the impact also is called dynamic shattered.

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