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Six safety engineering of sand making machine

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Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery is the one of the best crushing equipment companies in china, their sales network and service have covered more than 80 countries. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery equipment bring to play proper productivity and durability in severe working environment, and satisfy requirement and output target of customer’s.
In order to make their client to use sand making machine(sand maker) more exactly, do safe operation of electrical equipment,increase of service life, they summarize six basic safety engineering:

1.Open obversation door and examine the wear condition regular when use sand making machine, such as center feeding pipe, awl cover, liner plate of vane wheel and so on. The wear unit should be replaced or mended in time, and make sure replace them at the same time and the weight of wear-resisting piece should be same.

2.Frobid open obversation door and check the condition of machine during it work, in order to avoid anything dangerous. You need to replace or contact manufacturer to repair when vane wheel wear.

3.Make sure replenish appropriate grease to sand making machine every 400 hours working time, and wash bearing every 2000 hours working time.

4.It better to replace new bearing of sand making machine after work 7200 hours

5.Adjust the potency dimension of transmission vee belt suitably to make sure strength evenly of vee belt.

6.Please note safety in production specially when sand maker working, because it belongs high speed working equipment. Irrelated workers should far away from it ,and if it need to repair, close it firstly.



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