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Äôs crusher has marched to international production country ranks

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      At present, the manufacturing industry of china‚Äôs crusher have a wide market, mainly incloude chemical industry, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal mine, glass, etc. however, the most important application fields in china are cement industry, paving and mines, crusher is used in each of these two industries and accounts for about 30% of the whole industry.
      The whole production scale of china‚Äôs crusher has marched to international production country ranks, but overall competition and development in the future are still can‚Äôt rival with the developed countries. Currently, the domestic high-end users and basic parts of expert products are mainly rely on the import. With export trade friction increasing, it will be restricted by foreign competitors and supplies. So the development and revitalization of crusher should focus on the basic technology and basic components in the future, imporve the independent development level.
      Following the two figures and high growth rate in 2009, according to the annual prediction research of the American equipment manufacturer association(AEM), manufacturers of crushing equipment think that it will appear on a small increase trend. The trend would spread to the United state, Canada, and the whole world market.
     When a industy or product export growth rate reaches 40% to 70%, it belongs to boom period. When continued for a period time, it will enter the high-risk period of trade friction, and china‚Äôs crushing machine industry is at such a time now. with the world economic globalization, the traditianal trade barrieer means will gradually weakening or cancel, but anti-dumping and technical barrier is increasing. The developed countries use the technical advantage, to safeguad national or regional overall safety, safeguard human or animal and plant safety and environmental protaction, etc, and constantly take technical regulations, standards, the authentication, patents, and other means to improve market technical doorsill, build a trade barrier to china‚Äôs batch exporting products. Therefore, under the current the fast growth of exporting trade, we must keep awake and retional knowledge, enhance the consciousness and means of preventing international trade friction dispute. 

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