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The crushing machine extend application actively

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The effect of crushing machine, by definition, is used to crushing the stone and other materials, compared to the grinding equipment, crusher of large size, large particles of material more obvious role. So ore mining and smelting, power processing, and sand making operation are widely used the crusher for their first choose.
Depending on the different type, crusher can be divided into impact crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher and so on. So, in addition to its crushing effect, which side can we be used the crusher? Tradition consider that crusher is mainly used for grinding into power and coarse materials for the first step in processing, so make it adapting to the material range.
In a general sense has already restricted the use of crusher on the ore smelting or materials. In fact, through practice we found that in many industries need to use the crusher to crushing. For example, building demolition industry, this is crusher refer to the new areas in recent years. Through the large scale demolition machinery, can be split the building into granular materials, then transported to processing plants by means of transport. But often more dismantle companies’ think of these materials as rubbish.Nowadays, our country has successfully carried out a recycling program design for construction sand industry.
By this, not only can reduce the burden on businesses, but also solve the urban waste disposal problem. Moreover, crusher can be used to dispose the slag efficiently. Because there are many minerals after processed will formed the granulated slag, it is not convenient the upper dispose. So now already have the manufacturers to use the crusher equipment to crushing the slag. Otherwise, the product of sand making production line can be used in high speed railway, hydropower, high rise buildings, airport runways, ports, municipal engineering and other industries.

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