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Tips for the maintenance and safety of sand making machine by Yifan

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At present, an increasing amount of sand used in engineering, leads to the fact that natural sand gravel aggregate job supply is hard to meet the needs of market. Therefore, the springing up of sand making machine and artificial sand making industry will drive the research and improvement of heavy preparation equipment. Sand making machine is one of the most important component of sand production line, and because of its important position in the whole sand making production line, to have a good knowledge of its maintenance and safety is necessary. In this way, sand making machine can have a better performance and long service life, thus can cut down investment and gain more profit. Zhengzhou Yifan machinery will introduce some knowledge and tips for the maintenance and safety of sand making machine.
1. Regular observation of the attrition condition inside the sand making machine and exchange or mend the attrition in time when the machine is closed down. It is strictly prohibited that exchange the impeller without the consent of manufacturers.
2. Triangle belt tensioning drive size should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the triangle belt even by force, dual-motor drive, and the tape should be grouped on both sides of triangle matching, then the length of each line as possible. Should be adjusted so that the difference of not more than two motor current 15A.
3. Sand making machine adopts premium automotive grease or 3 # lithium grease every 400 hours of work by adding appropriate amount of grease, to open 2000 hours to clean the bearing spindle assembly, generally working 7200 hours, replaced with new bearings.
4. The principal axis belongs to high speed device; more attention should be paid to the safety in production. If a repair is needed, the machine should be shut down, and the personnel should stay away from the device. We recommend you to ask for a professional maintenance staff to solve if there was a problem.

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