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YiFan Perspective: construction waste recycling renewable green of aggregate

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Construction waste processing is always the focus of concern today, YiFan Machinery again brought good news for the construction of waste treatment - construction waste recycled aggregate paste filling .

Paste filling mining technology to solve one of the main Method of Coal "three next on " construction waste recycling renewable paste filling aggregate rational use of urban construction waste and mine filling technology is important, let's take a take a look at how the recycling of construction waste recycled aggregate paste filling .

Crushing Equipment
Crushing Equipment

Construction waste recycled aggregate paste filling material crushing, screening after construction waste as aggregate , fly ash as the main cementing material . First need to paste filling system , where we use the indoor filling simulation system, its main components include automatic weighing device , automatic feeding machine , mixer, mixing bucket , air compressors, concrete pumps , filling pipes, pipe cleaning machines, mining field simulation devices and control systems

First, the various components of the simulation system performance does a stability test to ensure the normal operation of the system , check and clear the debris inside the mixer , pipes, filling pump feed hopper ; conduct pipeline lubrication ; Before the test , to security personnel in each measuring point , shooting, control points good test preparation.

Raw materials needed to fly paste filling material did not return , the desired ratio between lime, gypsum, construction waste and early strength agent is 351:45:36:18:900 , a small amount of preparation of this paper, an example step resolution. Fly ash were taken 0.702t, lime 0.09t, gypsum 0.072t, early strength agent 0.036t, construction waste 1.8t, mixing after adding the hopper.

The mixed material by the automatic feeding device into the mixer , the mixer was stirred for 5min dry material around ; dry material in the inlet of the mixer , continuous quantitative water , dry material mixed with stirring for 10min; be prepared by stirring a slurry evenly after filling pump hopper filled with 0.8m3, which means that the pumping and filling slurry flow rate change by adjusting the pump flow .

Loop slurry fills the pipeline , the curve returns to the mixer through a hopper , the hopper and then to the pump filling cycle is formed ; Filling continuous loop pumping system operating at 15 to 20 minutes in a concentration to stabilize and then the slurry was discharge to the settling tank .

Rational use of construction waste solution to garbage dumps, environmental pollution , green mining, green earth has made tremendous contributions. YiFan Machinery believes that construction waste as recycled aggregate production of green paste filling , not just waste recycling , it is to go green sustainable development performance , but it also is a recycling of construction waste has found a new way !

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