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Cone crusher wear parts wear what are the implications

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Cone crusher wear parts wear what are the implications

Cone crusher used in metallurgy , construction, road building , chemical and silicate industry crushing of raw materials, can be crushing medium and medium hardness ores and rocks above , users are aware of this point ;.

First, the effects of wear and tear on cavity crusher cone crusher

(1)the maximum wear the cone parallel to the entrance ;

(2)the amount of wear on the wear and tear than the entire cavity parallel to a large area ;

Consequences : the vulnerability of these will lead to a lot of wear cavity shape change , or even the loss of the prototype, crushing effect crusher severely affected.

Second, the spindle and the taper bushing wear

(1)If the lower spindle taper bushing wear and more serious , do not wear no serious extent , then moving cone instability phenomenon will produce mild , resulting cone crusher not work properly ;

(2)Once the lower end of the spindle and the taper bushing local contact phenomena occur , what it will lead to damage to the cone bushing cracking phenomenon .

Third, the frame and the spherical bearing wear

Generally , the wear by the spherical outer tile gradually developed into the inner process. Late , it will cause a moving cone instability , leading to the spindle card at the mouth cone bush , leading to its damage , severe cases will produce cone crusher coaster phenomenon.

Cone crusher
Cone crusher

How to effectively reduce the production of cone crusher wear

Cone crusher in the modern production of the very extensive use of the crushing equipment in the production line is mainly used to crush large hardness of materials, production process and material effect between a carom important component cone crusher , because of the hardness of the material makes larger equipment in the production process must be received by the wear , in order to make the device very well serve on the production line will be dealing with this worn effect , let's produce our cone crusher manufacturers to introduce common fall cone crusher equipment wear approach.

This production cost cone crusher mining equipment are usually produced in high contrast , so the purchase price will be higher contrast , for such " precious " devices will demand value for money go , so finding ways to make the device very good for the production line more durable serve , which usually needs to protect jobs , generally speaking cone crusher equipment was worn effect is mainly due to the following reasons for the formation of : Planning unreasonable , perhaps not standard operating data is not correct, from these aspects can handle wear and tear on equipment from the origin .

Typically produce a large rock hardness process will continue with the liner device conflict , impact and other effects, which will make the liner was not the same degree of wear and tear , a long time will affect the use of the life of the device, formation of the production process , so we need to use layout contrast to consolidate liner used in the production line , it is necessary to be satisfied with a fundamental start , choose a good quality information as the lining of the data produced . And to the ore crushing screening before proceeding to ensure the strength and size of its fundamental scales evenly, so that you can cut the material impact of wearing parts , cone crusher fall hazard .

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