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Set by the material crushing equipment, crushing ,and deliver other process equipment for one

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In the case of the impact of rapid economic development , in order to survival and development in order to gain a firm foothold in the market storm , to unique in Ma Wan , they must go beyond in innovation , competition, growth , and thus the country to climb step by step even top international technology summit .

With the continuous expansion of domestic infrastructure , the development of the construction industry is also very quick annually produce about three hundred million tons of construction waste , construction waste a huge amount of land occupied by a large number of serious environmental pollution , thus achieving construction waste recycling , reduction, no of significant harm , can save a lot of landfill fees and landfill sites , in order to avoid damage to the environment again to reduce the pressure on the environment, recycling of construction waste is the promotion of national key environmental protection projects .


Construction waste disposal equipment advanced design , excellent performance, high efficiency, easy maintenance , operating cost , stable and reliable , with respect to the various types of stationary crushing station , the mobile crushing station can be moved like a small to medium sized crusher processing this new building materials factory, working efficiency and operational costs are the same level or a higher level than the fixed crusher station opened on aggregate processing , protection of the environment is significant.

Construction waste crushing equipment set by the material, crushing, transmission and other process equipment as a whole, through the optimization process so that it has excellent construction waste crushing, aggregate production crushing operations performance, different models can be combined to form a powerful the crushing and screening operation pipeline needs to complete the multi-processing operations. With the development of science and technology of construction waste, is no longer a waste, but "gold", the success of research and construction waste disposal equipment, pushing forward the construction waste recycling.

YiFan Machinery is one of the major manufacturers of domestic production of the crusher, mainly on aggregate processing system, aggregate processing system, coal processing equipment, refractory materials processing industries supply products, the company's main products are crusher, cone crushing machine, jaw crusher, sand making production line, and provide complete sand production line, stone production line, the company adhere to independent innovation, according to market demand to develop different products. The latest construction waste recycling in the production system, is in line with the market development needs.

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