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Yifan Machinery equipment will be as green marketing focus

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Currently popular on the network to eat vegetables body, is for China is now very serious haze phenomenon occurred. The haze of a wide range of produce, with not optimistic now can not avoid environmental contamination. Now reduce the pollution of the environment, has not simply rely on the government introduced measures to one question, which requires each of us, as a part of the earth, a little contribution to make their own living environment! Therefore, to reduce the adverse environmental pollution on our injuries, from themselves, such as cutting down a cigarette, another example less open day car.
Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery combined with today's market conditions, courageous commitment to social responsibility, to start a green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly machine noise class research and development. Yifan Machinery developed environment-friendly machine has: JC jaw crusher, HC series crusher, SMG series cone crusher.
 JC jaw crusher: high-strength materials, advanced manufacturing technology, and with a special rubber shock absorber, so that the whole is more optimized combination, not only to achieve the environmental characteristics of low power, its crushing ratio, production yield, have made to reduce the overall cost of the machine.
 HCP Series Crusher: This is a new and efficient back-breaking equipment, machine uses hydraulic locking device to facilitate savings. Its wholly-axis keyless design, increasing the reliability of equipment operation, so that the latter machine maintenance work becomes easy.
 SMH Series Cone Crusher: This series cone crusher is divided into two pieces and crushing in its green qualities of the machine on hot sales crusher market. After reflect the situation of the market, Yifan Machinery holds many lessons for the SMH series cone crusher, SMS series cone crusher has also been a market and users Lively.
Over the years, Yifan Machinery and always adhere to independent innovation, a unique management model and the rapid rise of high-quality products in the industry, the company developed the construction waste disposal equipment and other environmental series machines is Yifan laid a market leader in the crushing position. In the field of crushing and screening equipment, Yifan Machinery pioneered green ideas, new products are developed towards a low carbon, low energy consumption, safe and green direction, crusher equipment has become the industry leader.

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