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YIFAN Sand Maker Helps the of “First Road in China”

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In the extension of the “first road in China”, Shenyang-Dalian expressway, many advanced technology in the world was adopted. The shock resistance, cracking resistance, of highway surface and vehicle driving stability are the 6 times of the usual expressway. The SMA technology was the first adopted in the whole project in China. It requires the overall adoption of the SMA-16L structure, coarse aggregate adopts basalt, while fine aggregate adopting limestone manufactured sand, assigned high requirement of the rank and shape of aggregate.

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The high-quality basalt and manufactured sand aggregate, which is produced by the crushing plants supplied by Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery., Ltd, was widely used in the SMA road surface of Shenyang-Dalian expressway project. In the expressway asphalt concrete road surface, SMA technology assign s high requirement of the shape and rank of aggregate. Especially to the content of elongated flaky particle in the basalt, the former impact crusher processing chart cannot meet the requirement any longer. Therefore, Yifan put up the newest crushing and screening processing chart—VI series sand maker(vertical shaft impact crusher) to meet the need. The VI series sand maker has the following features and benefits:

1. High production of crushing has the function of fine crushing and rough grinding.

2. Simple structure, easy to set up and repair, low cost in operation.

3. Excellent shape of product, mainly the product shape is cubic with small fraction of elongated flaky particle shape, suitable for aggregate shaping, manufactured sand.


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