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The sand maker process should pay attention to three points

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The sand maker is widely used, it can be crushing the materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3. So there are many combining stone named sand maker,such as pebbles Sand Maker, limestone sand maker, granite sand maker, basalt sand maker.

In their daily work, the use of sand maker machine first thing to note is the sand maker allows the material with a certain amount of water, but the moisture content should be controlled below 8%. Excessive moisture will cause the material bonded, attached to the crusher walls, impact crushing efficiency.

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Secondly, the rotation should be consistent with the direction of the Sand Maker signs, if it and the signs in the opposite direction, the motor wiring should be adjusted, so that the rotation consistent with the signs, and non-rotating in the opposite direction. Dual-motor drive, main bearing and both sides of the motor, the same number of V-belt connected to the spindle assembly should be adjusted accordingly straight. Production before the first empty load test machine, no problem confirmed by the test machine before production.

Finally, turning the machine the empty load operation time is about 4 hours, load trial operation feed size in strict accordance with the requirements of various model specifications; The uniform continuous feed, water content can not be less than 10-15% (depending on the material), feed the full load of the sand maker; load test run time of 8-24 hours.

In the course, the only correct way to use in order to extend the life of the crushing equipment, thereby reducing costs. Zhengzhou YIFAN Machinery to provide customers with quality and cheap and efficient sand maker, supporting the design of the production program, the good intentions of the user service. Whenever you need help, please feel free to contact us through “Live Chat” system to get more info about crusher machine, and we are here to offer service to you.

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