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Sand maker production up to 50-500t/h

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With the development of the scientific era, China's sand maker industry must increase efforts to develop new technological processes, to achieve the purpose to improve the market competitiveness. YIFAN Machinery order to survive in the market, continue to strengthen the research and development of equipment and technical process, and increase investment, is bound to become the first crushing equipment manufacturer in the hot mining industry. YIFAN use of high wear-resistant material, integrating the latest technological processes to create high-quality sand maker machine products, in order to improve the efficiency of the equipment.

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Due to the rapid development of the construction projects, the natural sand and gravel has been far from supply. Therefore, artificial sand and gravel has become the main support of the development of the construction industry. YIFAN Machinery technological innovation as the primary productive force, adhere to their own development to improve the innovative capability of enterprises, finally developed the third generation of high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly energy-saving sand maker machine.

YIFAN machinery did not stop the pace of innovation, have been continuous efforts, new sand making equipment produced such as limestone sand maker, quartz sand making machine, calcite sand maker also went on the market by the customerwide acclaim, and become the  customers more trustworthy sand maker equipment.

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