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YIFAN efficiency and energy saving Sand Maker

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Increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises want to survive and develop, it is necessary to optimize the product mix to increase production capacity, expand market share and achieve economies of scale, based by high technology to create a strong technological innovation capability. Therefore, the future crushing equipment and technology will be more intelligent, environmentally friendly and efficient.

Sand Maker, which is high-performance equipment for sand making and shaping, is researched and produced by our corporation through absorbing the advanced technology from Germany, and has achieved world advanced standards.

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Decades of development process, YIFAN Machinery not only has a profound understanding of on the market, but also have a correct grasp of the direction of development of the Sand Maker, the company always adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, technological innovation in the development process. However, sand production equipment currently on the market, many manufacturers still used the traditional manufacturing process, and simply can not adapt to the new environment on the need for sand and gravel production, resulting in serious pollution of gravel site, the stone enterprises have to come up with part of the cost of pollution control, time-consuming and laborious. In response to this phenomenon, YIFAN Machinery design new equipment, gravel production line configuration to make full use of the abandoned ore resources, turning waste into treasure, to obtain a high economic and environmental benefits.

YIFAN sand maker is widely used in fine crushing and rough grinding of metal, mineral, building aggregate, concrete, anti-fire material, glass raw material, manufactured sand and all kinds of metallurgical slug. It is also can utilized in shaping of high rank road surface. Compared with other kind of crushing equipment, it is more advanced in intermediate hard, extra hard and abrasive material crushing, such as gravel, quartz, sandstone, basalt, silicon carbide, diamond grain and sintered bauxite.

YIFAN Sand Maker with advanced design, have more efficient than the traditional equipment for ore crushing, crushing better, lower operating and maintenance costs, and more economical.

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