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Sand Maker produce high-quality artificial sand solution

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YIFAN Machinery as a professional manufacturer of crushing and screening, the research and development of sand maker is designed in depth inquiry and years of experience by experts. They made a series of investigations of the hardness of the material, composition, crushed material fineness, viscosity, humidity, etc., in order to the outputs more efficient artificial sand. They found a number of material factors affect sand maker yield, why these factors can affect the output of the sand making equipment.

sand maker

sand maker

1. Harder material sand making them more difficult, and made ??sand, slow, low capacity, and the degree of wear of the equipment is seriously. So we should be careful in the choice of materials.

2. The fineness of the sand maker crushed materials also need to consider, the finer sand making materials, the smaller sand making capacity, therefore, the requirements of sand fineness are relatively high.

3. If there are no special requirements, general fineness of the material is middle fine.

4. The greater the viscosity of the material, the more easily adhere. In the choice of materials, must pay attention to the viscosity of the material is not too big.

Therefore want the the sand maker produce high-quality artificial sand, increase productivity effect, the above points can not be ignored.

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