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Advanced VI5000 sand maker sent to Guangdong

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Recently a VI5000 Sand Maker prepare sent to Guangdong. VI series sand making machine is one of the company flagship fist crushing equipment, and favored by many customers after putting into domestic and international market.

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It is understood that, Yifan Machinery Company VI impact crusher using industry-leading technology, set of technology, innovation, quality, environmental protection, all in one. It is YIFAN company engineers in the the sand making R & D experience on the basis of the long-term, according to the user and the proposed use of the gravel equipment, together with foreign experts painstaking research the latest type sand making machine sand making innovative technology design.

VI series new sand maker is a symbol of the the sand making advances in technology today, it's a great role in promoting the development of China's machinery industry. With the steadily advancing stimulate domestic demand and the western development plan, open key highway, railway, construction, water conservancy, electric power, airport and other infrastructure projects built, you need this equipment as backing.

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