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How to ensure the sand maker efficient running smoothly

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Sand production line, the use of the crusher is so easy for the bulk material made sand, and sand maker machine play the role to do the final shaping of crushed materials. After analysis of sand making production found some conditions must have of some high performance sand maker, and only reach this condition, sand maker machine will to keep high efficiency running smoothly.

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Now we introduced the following five points for Sand maker efficient production:

1. On the set of the sand making feed device, must adopt a unified process specifications. Reduce the particle level differences in the feed. Under such conditions, sand making machine up and running very quickly, and with the increase in the inertial force, its fluency will be very high.

2. In the selection of the crushing chamber of the sand maker, We need to compare the time of the most time-consuming step in the entire process to determine. Under normal circumstances, in the case of low yield, we chose 2-3 cavity design, in the case of high yield, we choose a cavity streamlined design.

3. In the Sand cavity design, a cavity streamlined structure requires control of the grain size can be done just right. In contrast the excellent manufacturing process, we found that the U cavity sand maker is the most suitable for such production needs.

4. The new high performance Sand Maker need grain shape control. We use grain shape control of a computer-controlled system, the benefits of this approach is very independent and automation. If grain shape do not meet the requirements, it is impossible get out of the crushing chamber.

5. Sand Maker sorting and screening can be located in the discharge port of sand maker to reduce unnecessary loss.

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