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YIFAN new Sand Maker achieve feldspar comprehensive utilization

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There is very large variety of feldspar. The major deposits of feldspar pegmatite, decomposed granite, aplite (semi-decomposed granite), in addition to feldspathic ceramic stone, potassic rhyolite associated with serpentinite albite, nepheline flash syenite and alaskite. How to promote feldspar expand the application fields to achieve the comprehensive utilization. Advanced feldspar processing equipment is essential. YIFAN production of new sand maker, Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher, efficient and environmentally friendly crushing equipment is the powerful assistant of Feldspar field of beneficiation deep processing.

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The YIFAN new Sand Maker can effectively crushing feldspar, the sand maker could be used to many feldspar processing, such as feldspar processing production line, feldspar mill production lines and so on. According to Feldspar deposit types and different nature of the ore, need to adopt different methods of beneficiation. General stope broken, and then removed of iron minerals by magnetic separation. In recent years, with the development of the reduction in long-rich quarry, and other mines comprehensive recovery feldspar technology, the introduction of more complex sorting operation for re-election, electrostatic separation, flotation, etc., so as to achieve the removal of quartz, mica and other associated minerals , made rich in potassium, sodium feldspar concentrate, recall the purpose of high-quality products. New sand making equipment in various feldspar processing technology is the core crushing equipment.

Feldspar sand maker equipment is an integral part of key equipment in a variety of feldspar deep-processing and feldspar beneficiation process. The YIFAN new sand making equipment high degree of automation, nesting particle size adjustable, low operating cost, large output, high income. The long-running maintenance costs less than the traditional technique and equipment 35% -50% of the same scale, YIFAN new efficient environmental protection sand maker has become the preferred crushing equipment of major feldspar deep processing industry.

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