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The new sand maker quick replace-development

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In recent years, with the sand making equipment and construction greatly enhance the degree of mechanization, the aggregate for the dam construction sector preferred type of dam, the rapid development, has built large number of 200m level High Dam of Xiaolangdi Tianshengqiao Hongjiadu Shuibuya, the new sand maker showing a rapid development of interchangeable, phase out the old-fashioned sand making equipment.
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Due to damming the original graded rockfills maximum particle size is generally between 80 ~ 100cm, study the damming material constitutive model parameters, it is difficult to directly carry out the laboratory experiments. Currently, the common method is an alternative method of using the same amount of sample material, the geometric level with law or a combination of both scale using a scale sample indoor triaxial test results. However, rockfill and coarse aggregate granular structure Granular Materials, often inter-particle point of contact outside loads, it is prone to particle breakage phenomenon was by the size of the particles to each other filling. Its particles are more coarse, fewer contact points, and the point of contact greater the interaction force between the particles themselves or angular more easily broken, the greater the compression of the material, and relatively fine aggregates having a larger deformation. Indoor triaxial test results directly applied to the calculation of dam analysis, it is difficult to reasonably reflect the original graded coarse aggregate mechanical properties and the actual filling of the dam.

To this end, control the output quality of the sand making machine of the the original graded heap critical to the quality of the stone works, crushing equipment manufacturers must strictly control the quality problems.

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