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YIFAN sand maker has huge contribution in the Southwest and other places

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Two days ago, a new highway in Yunnan Province - Ma Chao Expressway held a groundbreaking ceremony, marking the highway construction project was officially launched. The high-speed project is not only an important part of the highway network in Yunnan Province, but also an important part of China's high-speed backbone frame Yukun, Guangzhou-Kunming high-speed.
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Yunnan Province planning over the next few years will be built into a province-wide mesh highway. Clearly, these highway projects will promote the comprehensive development of related industries. Due to the need to made a lot of gravel sand production line, Sand Maker will become one of the protagonist.

Yunnan Province in recent years, construction sand making production line, are transportation construction projects demand. Therefore, the future construction of a massive highway network will promote the generation of sand making production line. Qualified judge whether a sand production line is an important factor in its sand making equipment, especially the pros and cons of Sand Maker.

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery production VI series sand maker hot sales these days, has been put into the production line. VI series sand maker demonstrated world-class performance, unanimously welcomed by sand production line manufacturers, has huge contribution in the Southwest and other places.

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