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Sand maker is the preferred equipment for concrete hydropower engineering industry

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China's cement and concrete industry in recent years in the national series of policy driven by the good momentum of development. In the current situation, to accelerate the transformation of the mode of development, and to further promote structural adjustment is the top priority to the implementation of the sustainable development strategy.
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Cement concrete hydropower project production, gravel production line for the late production of high-quality sand and gravel aggregate its role should not be overlooked. Modern China's mining machinery industry equipment overall development for a number of large and medium-sized manufacturers, its production equipment from quality, technology, performance analysis, equipment production level has reached the ranks of international modern and advanced equipment, and equipment in the domestic and international sales orders are numerous. Such as YIFAN Machinery as a professional crushing equipment manufacturers, its production of high-quality sand and gravel production line equipment, not only selling hot in the domestic, but also prestigious overseas.

Special sand maker equipment for concrete hydropower engineering industry, sand making machine rolling with the normal two kinds of concrete will be used simultaneously, this requires that the aggregate system process design must also consider the needs of the two sand and gravel aggregate production process. Two kinds of concrete indicators of fineness modulus, sand making machine powder content in the specification given a range of values.
Interval just gives a criterion for the sand and gravel aggregate eligibility. Also require sand making equipment performance must be excellent, YIFAN Machinery professional R & D and production of new VSI efficient sand making equipment sufficient to do this. The device number one from the designers to learn about the views of customers and equipment operator, increase production and reduce wear and tear costs, extend the maintenance cycle, reduce the amount of maintenance. Developed a feeding mode and multi-purpose crushing mode is the preferred equipment of concrete hydropower engineering industry and other fields.

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