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Crushing equipment adopts high manganese steel

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Life of the crushing machine actually refers to the spare parts life of the crushing equipment.Wear of the spare parts is inevitable. The emergence of high manganesesteel reduce the degree of wear of crushing equipment well and prolongs the machine life and reduce the use cost of crushing machine. In the accessories of crushing equipment, the hammerhead is the requisite parts. The counterattack plate of vertical shaft impact crusher adopts high manganese steel. 

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High manganese steel refers tothe alloy steel which the content of manganese is more than 10%. The carbon content is between 1.0% to 1.3%, and the content of manganese is between 11% to 14%. The abrasive resistance of the materials are good and are used as the spare parts of the crushing machine.

In addition to good wear resistance, High manganese steel can meet the needs of crushing equipment. Generaly speaking, the bigger the hardness of the hammerhead is,the greater the wear resistance is. To improve the wear resistance of the hammerhead, we need to increase its hardness. However, with the increase in the hardness of crushing machine, impact toughness of hammer will reduce. Therefore, the use of high manganese steel can take consideration of the hardness and good impact toughness and improves the  wear resistance and effectively extends the crushing time.

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