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Comparison of domestic and foreign cone crusher

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1.Technology gap

Behind domestic cone crusher design mainly in the degree of organization to achieve laminated crushing principle (or broken material layer) on. 1950s laboratory tests proved that the material particles smash single and multi-particles (forming material layer) crushed. Its power and mechanical processing as possible after crushing realization laminated broken, so you can get rid of completely rely on the port of discharge to control the grain size of the material circumstances, in order to achieve a larger feed size, smaller than the size and nesting a large processing capacity. Therefore, the design of the nature of that as possible to create the conditions for the laminated crushing cavity shaped design and increase the crushing force is the effective measures adopted. Oscillating spindle speed and eccentricity, for example, three kinds of cone crusher performance at different stages of development are also different.

2.Performance gap

Cone crusher is mainly reflected in allowing feed size, processing power and discharging granularity three aspects.

Currently, spring cone crusher products, compared with the international advanced level, the difference in performance on the domestic market mainly feed on small, large nesting, processing capacity and low weight and other aspects of the machine, which is mainly design backwardness.

Although the gap between domestic and objective existence, but now the strength of domestic mining machinery enterprises such as YIFAN Machinery, and so has been developed to improve road and bridge construction, manufacture of hydraulic cone crusher, which is a technological leap.

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